Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3. Please tell us, what kind of IDE controller you are using with that drive. What conclusions would you draw? Is there any way I can improve my drive’s performance on the 8x and 16x burns? How can I tell if Smartburn was working correctly?

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LiteOn SHMP6S – DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive – IDE – internal Overview – CNET

You also said that the benchmark test seemed to fail on my system. Disc Quality test was always done at 8x, scan ‘read’ lie at maximum.

This seems to be media related. Stick with Liteon stock firmware at the moment. Finally just fore I go, please give me your opinion on the following burn and test… Media: Is this an error?

Can an expert on these matters please give me your opinion on the above tests? Burned at 16x General Information Drive: Was quality test optimal runnning at 8x or should it have been 4x?

Lite-On Dvdrw Shm-165P6S Firmware For Iphone

We used Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s automatic firmware update, as shown in the screenshots below, and with three clicks we managed to successfully update the drive’s firmware. This is bad Manufacturer: AML 00h Write speeds: Media Used for ALL tests: What conclusions would you draw?


Xiaomi’s Mi A2 is Promising and Affordable. In addition, on top of the black front bezel, LiteOn has added one more color of choice for the end user, that of a silver bezel, covering most of the colour schemes of most users PC cases.

Samsung Brings Bixby to Home Appliances. Why such a difference between the 4x and 12x tests and the 8x and 16x? Would you agree or are these benchmarks bad or lacking information? Also the read speed max of 12x seems lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s low. See if you can totally get rid of Aspi. Hi, Looks like Primary Master 0: From the above tests I think I should stick to burning these discs at only 4x or 12x.

Does this fact nullify any results Lige got from those tests? Any suggestions as to what might cause this? Clicking on the image below, will open a larger, more detailed view. Just checking one piece of vital information Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s, is your burner on USB?


Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s, July ln, I will be doing my best to strip ASPI from my system so it can be ruled out as a problem, if you have any suggestions for a guide to remove it completely please let me know Google here I come. MKM 00h Write speeds: In the scan tests tab I was able to run the ‘Read’ test wih no problems.

Burning at 4x General Information Drive: Nikon is Working on New Mirrorless Camera. Once more, the retail package remains the same as with previous releases. Just checking one piece of vital information Also, is your burner on USB?