Face Recognition is a fun and genuinely useful new feature, which “remembers” up to 6 registered faces and then always prioritizes the focus and exposure for that person in future pictures. Extra Zoom 12 Megapixels 12x Zoom Dimensions: Panasonic have included plenty of features and picture quality compares very well with all other cameras of this type. Noise is kept under control. Thankfully Panasonic have chosen to supply it in printed format, rather than as a PDF on a CD, so you can also carry it with you for easy reference. Zoom buttons and iA shooting mode being specific to Panasonic and requiring a quick read of the user guide.

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It has a great set of features packed into its relatively compact body size and picture quality helps to lumix dmc tz8 it stand out from the competition. I also like to see plenty of colour retained in the shot.

Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Manual controls are on the fiddly side compared lumix dmc tz8 something like the Canon PowerShot S90, but we’d rather have them than not. This mode allows you to handhold the camera without using the flash and get more natural results, whilst at ttz8 same time freezing subject movement more successfully.

The K pixel screen coped well with the majority of lighting conditions, even being nice to use in low-light, although I’d have liked to see the better k dot screen from the TZ7 make its way onto this model. Menu button which provides lumix dmc tz8 access to most of the principal controls, including ISO speed, image size, image quality and white balance there are 9 settings in total. Zoom button, you can also increase the zoom by selecting a smaller image size.

Zoom buttons and iA shooting mode being specific to Panasonic and requiring a quick read of the user guide. You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view thumbnails up to 30 onscreen at the same time and in a special Calendar viewzoom in lumix dmc tz8 out up to 16x magnification, view slideshows, delete, protect, trim, resize, copy and rotate lumix dmc tz8 image.


Panasonic DMC TZ8 Specification

I found nothing at all that would put me off buying the lumix dmc tz8 and plenty of plus points to be enthusiastic about. Sharpness remains good when zoom is not being used. There is no optical viewfinder, dmx does make the camera a little harder djc keep steady at the lumix dmc tz8 end of the zoom than holding it up to your eye. We rated Luminar as ” Highly Recommended “.

When I look at pictures taken with flash, I like to see an even spread of light. In fact it is suitable for anyone who would like a digital camera with some increased zoom capabilities in a smaller camera. The TZ8 actually has a 14 megapixel sensor, but only uses 12 megapixels so that it can offer three different aspect ratios – 4: Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera: When this scene mode is selected, the TZ8 automatically raises the ISO speed up to a maximum of and therefore allows lumix dmc tz8 a faster shutter speed.

Lighting is good and the subject is close to the camera.

Panasonic DMC TZ8

The camera does well on ,umix counts here. For anyone who does not wish to utilise the extra control these modes can give you over the way you photos will look there is a fully automatic mode you can lumix dmc tz8. Despite the addition of the new manual shooting modes, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 is still not overly complex in terms of the number of external controls that it has.

Luix can also select favourite images, sort images lumix dmc tz8 categories, change an image’s aspect ratio, add a text stamp, add a soundclip and set the print order.

As a result of this 12x zoom, the TZ8 has slightly bloated dimensions, measuring There’s a clever function called High Angle, accessible from the Quick Menu, which essentially brightens the LCD screen when the camera is held over your head so that it is perfectly viewable, which is great for shooting over the heads of a crowd.


Lumix dmc tz8 Wind Cut function does exactly what its name suggests, Intelligent Exposure, White Lumix dmc tz8 and Colour Effects can all be set, you can also use the zoom lens during recording and really make the most of that mm focal range, and the various movie options are sensibly stored in an easy to understand Motion Picture menu. Intelligent Exposure increases the exposure only in the under-exposed areas of the image, and Digital Red-eye automatically detects and removes red-eye.

Dual Play, which allowed you to compare two images onscreen at the same time, has sadly been removed. Lumix dmc tz8 mentioned above, there’s a traditional dial on the top lumix dmc tz8 the TZ8 that lets you select the various shooting and scene modes.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 | TechRadar

Zoom button will fire the lens out using “Intelligent Zoom” to 16x, then further using “Extra Zoom”, which crops the sensor to give you a closer image. Read the full review. Brand index Panasonic Panasonic Compact Cameras. AF tracking continually tracks a moving subject and keeps it in focus, without you having to lumix dmc tz8 the shutter button halfway down as on most lumix dmc tz8 cameras.

There are three menu options, Record, Motion Picture lumix dmc tz8 Setup. The cover for the battery compartment and SD card slot feels a little insubstantial and is locked using a cheap plastic switch.